The Practice

At Limited to Endodontics we are dedicated to excellence in the art and science of endodontics (root canal therapy) and to the highest standard of patient care.  We are committed to providing this specialised endodontic care in a comfortable environment.  We will treat individuals in our care like guests in our own home, being attentive and respectful of their needs, concerns and fears while maintaining a professional atmosphere.  We will exceed safety standards for proper sterilisation and cleanliness.  Our team will continue a standard of excellence through growth and education.  We will treat patients and each other with honesty and respect.

Our commitment to you is that prior to starting treatment you will know and understand:

your dental problem
the treatment that Dr. Bellamy recommends
the prognosis for that treatment
any probable treatment complications or concerns
other treatment options available to you
what you can expect during the post-treatment period
any further dental work which may be required following the endodontic treatment
all costs of your endodontic treatment

Dr R G P Bellamy and Staff of Limited to Endodontics