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Endodontic Cases by Dr. Raphael G. P. Bellamy
Please note the level of excellence attained. 

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Conebeam Radiography

Double click HERE and see the power of CBCT revealed.  The advent of 3D radiography is changing the way the profession views endodontic therapy.  Excellent endodontists  and clinicians have always seen their cases and treated them in three dimensions.  Dr Herbert Schilder taught us that.

Ultimately the use of CBCT will raise the bar in endodontics.  The level at which endodontics is carried out will improve because, put simply, we can see more.  in my opinion, I consider that the use of conebeam radiography will become routine in specialist endodontics and  is as important for viewing the outside of the tooth as the microscope is inside.  However, it will never replace the basic three tenets in endodontics of knowledge, skill and  desire.  The technology will never save you.